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You're bringing more muscle to your health and wellness or self-care programs, getting back into action or stepping up the pace. Your desire to initiate, lead, and work independently can stir up competition or conflict with others at times, and this is more likely on the and when you may want to tone things down or prepare yourself for a battle, depending on which you prefer at the moment! It's a time for pushing yourself to improve your health and fitness while being mindful that you don't overdo it.

Or, you can be feeling quite pumped about getting organized. Difficulties with workload or excessive demands on you can now be acknowledged. Avoid overstrain and enjoy yourself as you get your life back into shape.

LIBRA Horóscopo de hoy 5 de julio 2019 - Sin prejuicios de ningún tipo

The 21st brings the Sun into your sector of home and family where Saturn and Pluto are already long-term guests, and this stimulates your domestic side further. As exciting as your projects and interactions have been in the past weeks, you're beginning to crave more downtime and the comfort of familiar settings. Seeking a balance is helpful now, and the Full Moon just a day later helps you do just that.

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This lunation pulls your attention to a career or public matter, or a responsibility for which you're accountable. It's an excellent time for attracting attention for positive efforts or a good deed. Otherwise, this Full Moon can reveal to you how vital meeting your responsibilities and thriving in the work you do or performing at your peak is to the rest of your life.


You need to feel good about your performance so that other projects and endeavors to thrive, as well as to feel more comfortable in your personal life. The third week of the month is also strong for handling a relationship matter so that you can move forward. The need to feel secure, rooted, and comfortable is especially strong for you in , dear Libra.

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More day-to-day contact with friends and family can be healing and pleasurable from November forward. Until then, you continue to enjoy building and growing your material resources. There can be a strong emphasis on comfort and the enjoyment of simple pleasures. Saturn has moved into hard aspect to your sign and into your solar sector of home and family and will remain here until This is a time for bringing more structure and discipline to your personal life.

This is a time for doing important work on your self-image, foundations, and domestic life that involves pruning, simplifying, and structuring. There can be changes with parents, children, support, and home life that are significant, but these involve both challenges and rewards, setbacks and advances.

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Saturn has spent the better part of the last three years transiting your communications sector which may have limited your responsiveness to social contact from time to time. This is a time for taking greater responsibility with family as well as for better organizing your home life. Making money in is a stronger ambition than usual, particularly until November.

Career matters assume more importance to you in the last two months of the year. Folly In One Word: Forcing Most Compatabile With: A person born on the 18th of February has a powerful masculine side that needs to be tamed and brought to balance with the feminine one. It is a date of all sorts of archetypal problems between men and women, and in an extremely poor setting, it could lead to aggression and abusive behavior by them, or their partner. Notification Center. Wondering whether it will be a power-packed day or a dull, cumbersome one? We have you covered. Read on to know… Aries Today you may be satisfied with at work.

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You may plan for a short work related trip. You may also visit some religious place to maintain your inner peace. Your gurus may show you the right path, which may give you clarity regarding your goals. This 3-yr-old is trying to scratch the cancer out of her eye Milaap.


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